quinta-feira, junho 14, 2007

Orquídea selvagem

[ou Let's start a magazine]

Gostei realmente muito do texto autobiográfico de Rorty, de tal forma que me apeteceu traduzi-lo. Mas seria preciso fundar uma revista para o publicar, e isso é que já dá mais trabalho.

I am sometimes told, by critics from both ends of the political spectrum, that my views are so weird as to be merely frivolous. They suspect that I will say anything to get a gasp, that I am just amusing myself by contradicting everybody else. This hurts. So I have tried, in what follows, to say something about how I got into my present position - how I got into philosophy, and then found myself unable to use philosophy for the purpose I had originally had in mind. Perhaps this bit of autobiography will make clear that, even if my views about the relation of philosophy and politics are odd, they were not adopted for frivolous reasons. [continua.]